Income Property Investors (IPI) puts together real estate investment groups that consists of carefully selected multifamily and self storage properties.

As our name suggests, we have succeeded by focusing on real estate investments that generate income. We do this through two main strategies:

  1. Our recent focus has been on multifamily properties.
    These strategies deliver significant appreciation as well as income. We've become experts in the Phoenix market and are looking at other markets in the Southwest, including rapidly-growing sections of Sacramento. We will also explore other markets in the Western United States as we continue to expand. We buy strategically well located-properties in the central core of an urban area that we feel are being gentrified or are going up in value because of the demand that results from locations near transportation corridors.
  2. Our second primary focus is self storage. 
    This is a niche type of real estate product that is known for it's high cash flow that is sometimes called a "cash cow." To cite just one successful example, we have provided capital for a partner in Las Vegas, who has built self storage properties, and we have seen double-digit returns from those properties.

    There is also an appreciation component to self storage investments so that our investors enjoy both quarterly distributions and an increase in their investment's value.

Ken has managed many investments of mine and he has been excellent at overseeing the operations of my properties.
— Jim Scott, Owner Scott & Quinn Real Estate